Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ebay listing ~ Fun project!!

I had a little fun with this today!! This is painted on an older piece of  REAL enamelware!! Great find!! I found this line drawing of this fantastic Americana CRoW and thought this would all go together well!! I'm not sure whose design this is - couldn't find the name as mine was ripped. Maybe Chestnut Junction?! Thank you to whoever, it was quick, easy & fun!! The Americana arrangement is all included in this piece too!! Check it out on my Ebay link over in the sidebar!! Enjoy!! :) ** NEW UPDATE** Yea!! I found out whose pattern this is! It belongs to Rhonda Bowers of Primitive Stitches!! Thanks Rhonda, love this crow!! :) Here is the link to Rhonda's website if you would like to get this pattern!