Friday, October 28, 2011

SANTA BOTTLES!! Just released!!

Just released as a new pattern packet tonight!! "Santa Bottles" - What fun!! Brand new design from Terrye French and painted by me!! As a pattern, you could use these different Santas on many different surfaces!! A fun project to be sure!! AND I even painted a bottle! haha!! Just recycled one of the small bottles they use for scented reed diffusers, all you need to do now is fill it back up with a refill and you have a cute diffuser for Christmas!! You could do that with all of them if you wanted. Would make great gifts and simple too!! The pattern packet is available on and also on my Etsy.. AND if you are interested in the actual piece shown, I will be listing it tomorrow on Ebay!! Whoo-Hoo!!

Lovin' Penguins! First New Winter Design for 2011!

Whew, I need to catch up a few things around here!! Finally have started painting for Christmas & Winter! This is the first Winter project I've done!! "Lovin' Penguins"! New design from Terrye French and painted by me! Painting Pattern Packet is available from my Etsy store ( or from the Painting With Friends blog page ( A great project for the entire Winter season (and Penguin lovers!) ♥

Thursday, October 20, 2011


What a sweet design for all of the Fall Season!! Another adorable design by Rhonda Bowers and painted by Me!! The actual piece is up for auction this week on Ebay ( AND now the E-pattern packet for this is available too!! Both from my Etsy shop ( and Rhonda's website (!! LAST FALL LISTING FOR 2011!! Onto those Winter designs now!! :))

Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Ebay listing ~ Storyteller Scarecrow!!

Managed to get this posted tonight on Ebay, although it's a bit late!! This is a brand new design from Terrye French that I have done in coordination with "Painting With Friends"! It will be available soon, separately, as a painter's pattern packet as well!! Such a sweet scarecrow with all of his Harvest Friends!! ♥♥ This MIGHT be my last Fall listing for Ebay this year ~~ time to start those winter designs!! :) 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Announcement & New Pattern Available!!

Oh, I've been so busy and I've gotten a bit behind once more!! I have some exciting news and wanted to show you the adorable new pattern packet that is available!! FIRST OF ALL ~ the NEWS!! I will now also be painting new painting pattern packets in coordination with Rhonda Bowers!! She has "Primitive Stitches" and I will be painting pattern packets from some of her stitchery patterns!! Oh this is going to be so much fun!! I will still be painting pattern packets for Terrye & "Painting With Friends" too!! This new addition with Rhonda, is just going to open up even more wonderful designs!! I'm so thrilled!!
This is the first design of Rhonda's that I have done!! This is Jack (Harvest Greetings) - I just LOVE him!! He's so adorable!! Pattern packet is available by email and can be purchased at my Etsy shop - and also from Rhonda's new website -! Thanks to Rhonda for giving me this opportunity!!